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21 August, 2012

U2 Zooropa (Side A)

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I’m not a fan of U2 and this, which isn’t precisely their most acclaimed work, is the only album from them that I really like. Particularly the first side, which is what you can listen to here. And having been released in 1993, during the CD rise and vinyl waning era, nowadays “Zooropa” on vinyl is very difficult to find at a reasonable price. Even worse taking into account that most copies offered online (the colored vinyl ones) are counterfeits. It’s a shame that, as a U2 non-fan, I wasn’t interested in this record when it was released. I held it many times when crate-digging at the local stores back in 1993, but didn’t even listen to it. And now it’s the only truly enjoyable U2 release to me.This copy is an original Colombian pressing in near mint condition that I recently could find at a decent price. I wasn’t looking for a Colombian pressing since I’ve always complained about the quality of records made in my country (specially from this company -Discos Philips-, which I’ve always hated for being the most disrespectful with foreign product of them all). And although they still couldn’t write the last track’s name correctly (“The Wonderer” instead of “The Wanderer”), I think this is a very good product (for Colombian standards, at least). I’m very happy with my purchase taking into account that, again, this really is a hard-to-find item. So, I want to share my (only) favorite run of U2 songs with all of you.01. (00:16) Zooropa02. (06:45) Babyface03. (10:46) Numb04. (15:06) Lemon05. (22:03) Stay (Faraway, So Close!)Numark TTXUSB turntable – Nagaoka MP-500 phono cartridge – ART DJPRE II phono stage preamp – Vinyl record vinilo LP

U2 are amazing

U2 performs their song “Zooropa” at Anaheim Stadium on Saturday, 6/18/11, the second show of a two night stand. Shot with a Nikon P500 in full HD mode about 100 yards outside the pit just off to Adam’s side of the stage. Only had camera a couple hours before the show and was not used to it yet. Filmed “The Fly” as well from inside the pit but for some reason the file was corrupted.

Loop Zooropa de U2

U2 performing Zooropa live in Denver on May 21, 2011. I was positioned in the inner circle on Edge’s side when I took this video.