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20 August, 2012

Jake E. Lee talks Bark At The Moon

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Jake E. Lee, the guitarist who wrote Bark at the Moon shares how he wrote the song to be played originally in 1983 and how it is consistently wronged by tabs all across the web today. Jake played a half show-half Q&A at the Lava Cable stage in Owasso, Oklahoma – March 13th, 2014. Audio is Camera Audio only.If you like Bark at the Moon then check out Jake E. Lee’s latest band the Red Dragon Cartel. Find them on tour or pick up their latest self-titled album available in stores and online now.

Ozzy Osbourne e Jake E lee.

Bark At The Moon with Jake E. Lee’s Red Dragon Cartel live at Sweden Rock Festival on June 5, 2014.

Bark At The MoonRed Dragon Cartel, Jake E [email protected] Backstreet Pub in Buffalo NY 2013

Jake E Lee and his Red Dragon Cartel performing this Ozzy Osbourne’s Classic